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Horseback Riding Instruction

Hunt Seat | Introductory Jumping | Intro Dressage | Western | General / Trail Riding

Riding lessons are an important part of your horseback riding experience. New information and goals keep riders out of a learning rut, which often caused frustration in riding and training.

I give lessons in the following seats:

  • Hunt Seat
  • Introductory Jumping
  • Introductory Dressage
  • Western Riding
  • General Riding/Trail

I work best with a learning mind. Riders with 'some previous riding experience' and 'intermediate adults' are my specialty. I work with owner and horse together to meet a common goal, whether it be starting over fences, riding a dressage test, or going on their first trail ride. Through my own knowledge, experience, and research, its my personal goal to help owners and their horses reach new levels of riding experience.

What to Expect from Lessons

The first lesson is totally based on my evaluation of horse and rider communication. Assuming that the horse in question is safe and already trained, I usually evaluate how the rider works with the horse on the ground, and then how they ride together. Often I might ask to ride the horse for a bit myself, either to demonstrate something to the owner, or so I can better understand how to explain a solution to a problem. Length of a riding lessons varies, and I don't like to give a solid time frame. Generally, we will ride anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Other time spent could be in discussion, ground work, lunging, etc. Weather, behavior, and riding activities may lengthen or shorter the ride time. On a 95 degree day, we will work on slower exercises. If we canter a good deal in the lessons, we might shorten up the ride time a bit. It all depends on the owner and horse.

Usually we will focus on one or two new (or old) things in a lesson. The first 15 minutes is usually spend warming up, bending, halting, gain focus and control, etc. The rest of the lesson may be spent on learning diagonals, canter leads, moving in a balance circle, working on the bit, approaching small cavaletti's etc.

Owner-trainer communication is key in the learning process. I always emphasize, if you don't understand a phrase or request, ask for an explanation. Teaching proper horseback riding is my passion, and its my job to help you meet your goals for riding in a correct, safe, and timely manner.


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Horseback riding instructor and trainer Dana Alley can train you and your horse for general pleasure or competition in Hunt Seat, Introductory Jumping, Introductory Dressage, Western Riding, General Riding/Trail. Dana will come to your home, farm or stable located in Overland Park, Olathe, Johnson County Kansas, Paola, Hillsdale, Louisburg, Miami County Kansas, Cleveland Missouri or the surrounding areas.

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